Easy Art For a Large Wall

Feb 2013 014I really struggled with my eight year old daughters room and what to put on the large wall above her bed.  This is how it ultimately ended up but I did a few things before this that basically had no cost. Continue reading

Party Favors – Sugar Hand Scrub

June 2013 020I have to admit I got this idea from a gift I received from my daughters teacher – for volunteering.  What a great gift!  I wanted to ask her how she made it – but I was embarrassed.  First of all it’s cute and second its pink!  So to find out how she made it I did a search on my own.  Not only did I find an awesome recipe I found a great website.  Continue reading

My $2.00 Yankee Candles

July 2 001 CopyRemember when I lost my wick?  Well you will never believe what I found.  Continue reading

My $27 Makeover

DSC_0086On one of my Goodwill visits I found this desk that was badly beaten up.  DSC_0087It had a

huge gouge on the top but I knew with some sanding and paint it was going to be a beauty. With dovetailed drawers and even a bottom cedar lined drawer who could pass up $15! On a different visit I found this! Continue reading

Free Storage Jars

July 5 003 copyOne thing we love in our house is coffee, fresh coffee.  We grind our beans every morning so the beans are stored in this glass container next to the coffee maker.  I love this container.  I wanted to put a similar one in the girls bathroom for storage but one that wasn’t glass, I didn’t want it to shatter in the girls bathroom.  The girl’s bathroom is also the main bathroom so it has multiple purposes and it’s not very large. Continue reading

My $2 Play Stool Makeover

When I made the chalkboard play table, I wanted to make some cute stools for the girls.  This table is visible in our house so I wanted the stools to look nice without spending a lot of money. Continue reading