I’m Vachelle and my husband is Cameron. Cameron was raised on a farm in Southern Minnesota. He worked very hard and was always challenged with fixing and building things (he has some great stories).  He was taught to buy new and take excellent care of it so it would last forever. I am also from Minnesota and was raised in town.   I thank my mom for bringing me with her to consignment stores.  We were always looking for that great find that could be converted into a beauty – they last forever too. My childhood bedroom furniture was found this way and I will be refurbishing it again for our girls.

Cameron and I met in 1996 and were married in 1998. We built a beautiful house in town but “Farm Boy” was getting a little stir crazy. We started looking for some land with a house that we could fix up. We found an 11 acre property with a fixer upper in 2002.  It was a mess but we just felt it was the one. This house had half the closet space, too many small rooms and horrible decor but it had a view to die for.


After buying the “money pit” we started focusing on children.  After a few years we discovered we were not going to biologically have children so we started the adoption process in 2005.

In the summer of 2005 our first daughter was born.

And in the fall of 2008 our second daughter arrived.

During this time we completely gutted our home (did I say it was more than a fixer upper).  I also wrote “You Grew In Our Hearts” a custom book for adopted children and we started our business Story For A Lifetime.

We both also work full-time so we are really busy. Neither one of us is a professional remodeler or decorator but it’s our passion and we are true DIY’ers. We love to laugh and try not to take anything too seriously. We make mistakes but they usually turn out to be small ones and we learn what NOT to do the next time.

Cameron’s the builder and I’m the visionary.

Cameron’s the cook (I know I’m lucky) and I’m the planner.

Farm Boy + City Girl = a perfect match. Welcome to our blog.

4 thoughts on “Us

  1. April and Duane Schumann

    I did not know you two were so talented or had those interests. I really enjoy your site! I love the tables. I know the satisfaction you get from creating and finishing something so beautiful! Way to go niece and nephew! Glad to get to know you a little bit better! LU

  2. I know how talented my brother Cameron is (after all I helped raise him) and I have learned over the years how talented and creative you are Vachelle! What a wonderful way to share both of your talents. I enjoy your posts and our wonderful family gatherings.

    • Vachelle

      Thanks Tami! You mean you don’t mind dressing up and doing all my crafts! Thanks for always being such a great sport!

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