Party Favors – Sugar Hand Scrub

June 2013 020I have to admit I got this idea from a gift I received from my daughters teacher – for volunteering.  What a great gift!  I wanted to ask her how she made it – but I was embarrassed.  First of all it’s cute and second its pink!  So to find out how she made it I did a search on my own.  Not only did I find an awesome recipe I found a great website.  The site is One Good Thing By Jillee – her site is awesome!  So for my daughter’s family birthday party I wanted to give the women something nice to go home with.

Here is what you need.  Are you ready?

June 2013 106Yep that’s it.  Dawn dish soap with Olay, sugar and a container.  Can you believe it?  All you do is add enough Dawn until the consistency is wet.  It will look like this.  I got the small mason jars at Walmart but I have seen them at Target too.  They are so cute!

June 2013 108June 2013 109Then just put it in your jar.  I did a custom label on my Cameo Silhouette but you could print something on sticker paper or glue it to the cover.June 2013 020

This is actually a gardening scrub and truly gets dirt off your hands.  I started doing some research (shocker) and found that mechanics have used this trick for years.  This dish soap cuts the grease and the sugar scrubs.  Who knew?  Well now we all do.  I need Farm Boy for the true test.  You don’t have to do pink as there are other options.  Isn’t the lavender pretty. indexThis is how I displayed them.  See cake plates aren’t just for cakes!  June 2013 019These would be super cute in a basket with homemade soaps and bath items.  Hmmmm…..

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