My $2.00 Yankee Candles

July 2 001 CopyRemember when I lost my wick?  Well you will never believe what I found. 

My new thing is to shop on the outside isles of the store – this is where the clearance items are usually placed.

So on one of my trips to TJ Maxx, I found these Yankee Candles and couldn’t figure out why they were in the clearance section.  The glass wasn’t broken and they weren’t holiday candles…strange.  So I opened them up and here is what I found.

July 2 002Yep – the wick was gone and wax looked like it had been melted.  So I turned it around to see how much these puppies cost and look!

July 2 003$3.00.  I still thought that was too much (of course I did) so when I checked out I asked if they would take less.  OK I hardly ever do this at a store but since they were already on clearance what could it hurt?  I ended up getting another dollar off so $2.00 a candle – pretty great deal.

I went home, got my pot of boiling water going and had my supplies ready.  Now it didn’t even occur to me that the wick wouldn’t need to be replaced.  I don’t know why – I guess I just thought I could replace it anyway.  After melting the wax the candle had two wicks.

July 2 006So all I did was take it out of the boiling water, with my gloves of course, and set it on a towel.  July 2 007As the wax started to harden I pulled the wicks straight as they wanted to fall over.  I kept doing that every 5-10 minutes until it was completely set.  And that was it.  New Yankee candles for $2.00!  Score!

5 001 copyPretty cool right?  Keep a lookout for these unwanted candles.  You can save a ton of money!

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