Free Storage Jars

July 5 003 copyOne thing we love in our house is coffee, fresh coffee.  We grind our beans every morning so the beans are stored in this glass container next to the coffee maker.  I love this container.  I wanted to put a similar one in the girls bathroom for storage but one that wasn’t glass, I didn’t want it to shatter in the girls bathroom.  The girl’s bathroom is also the main bathroom so it has multiple purposes and it’s not very large.

One of our favorite snacks is this Pub Mix from Sams Club.  It comes in a similar container and guess what it’s plastic.  See where I am going with this?

Since it had a screw on top I covered the end with brown ribbon so it looked finished.

Then I inserted them into the towel holder on the wall.  There are a few hand towels at the top and three storage jars at the bottom. Functional and pretty.

One even got a fabric rose.  I bet you’re not shocked!

Next time you are eating your favorite snack, take a look at what it came in.  It may be your next decoration or storage container.

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