Chalkboard Play Table

My girls love chalk and since we live in a cold climate it’s nice to have a chalkboard inside.  I found this coffee table at Goodwill for $4!  It was pretty beat up so perfect for a play table.  I also bought two cheap plastic stools.  To see my quick improvement on the stools click here.First we sanded the top since that was the only area that was getting painted.  It didn’t need a lot of sanding since it was pretty rough.  We used 100 grit paper. 

I protected the legs since I like how they looked.  They aren’t perfect but they are in pretty good shape. 

Now it’s time to paint.  I didn’t prime it, I just did an extra coat since I wasn’t concerned anything would bleed through.  Use long back and forth strokes with thin coats. I did three coats waiting an hour between (that’s what Rust Oleum suggested).

I love how it turned out but to be honest, the chalk doesn’t come off great with an eraser.   I use a damp cloth but this does cut down on the chalk dust.  The girls love it!!

6 thoughts on “Chalkboard Play Table

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  4. What a BRILLIANT idea. Just the kind of thing I love – finding a piece of someone else’s rubbish and turning it into something beautiful and useful. Thanks for the pingback – I’m going to keep my eye on you now 🙂
    Jill x

    • Farm Boy City Girl

      Thank you. It is really fun to see how they turn out. I wish I could do more painting but it is so hot and humid where we live.

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