My Old Wicker Chairs

july 030 copyI remember the day I bought these chairs.  We were newlyweds and had just built a house with a big front porch.  I miss that porch.  Anyway, I saw these Martha Stewart chairs at K-Mart for only $50.  I wasn’t expecting them to last very long but they are still hanging in there 10 (or 14) years later.  Time for a new coat of paint – they used to be white.  First we took the pressure washer and got almost all the paint off.  If you don’t have a pressure washer a metal brush will work too.  I actually thought the robin’s egg blue would be cool but I couldn’t get Cameron on board.  I have become obsessed with that color and apple green (this is my china cabinet – which really has nothing to do with this post). Here was my first attempt and yuck!  This was left over paint that we purchased to paint the shutters when our house was white.  I can see why we didn’t use it.  So I used my “go to black” (black outdoor Rust-Oleum) and I love them.  For now I’ll agree to go neutral but I can’t guarantee they will stay this way forever.  It’s only paint right?  Now I just need to make cushions.

6 thoughts on “My Old Wicker Chairs

  1. Miss Chris

    You continue to crack me up. Love the china cabinet. Lord knows, Steve woulda picked the black color!

  2. Mary

    Did you use the chairs outdoors? I have the same chairs (along with a sofa and tables too). We used them in a sunroom at our old house but have had them on the front porch at our current house. They are so worn from the elements. I’m wondering if its worth the effort to repaint.

    • Vachelle

      I am so sorry for the late response. We leave them out all year and in fact they have snow on them right now. I just painted them last spring so I will know more this spring/summer.
      I think the effort is worth it.

  3. KellyAnn

    I have a really old pair of wicker rockers that I picked up from an apartment where someone just up and left every single thing they owned. Apartment Mgr needed to get the furniture out and just gave me a whole set. I re-paint mine every other spring ‘Rustoleum Colonial Red’ usually, but we are moving soon and red will no longer be my accent color at the new place. Looking at your post just convinced me to go with the black !! Love those. They look very neat and clean. Any color cushions will pop. Thank You for making up my mind. 😉

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