My $27 Makeover

DSC_0086On one of my Goodwill visits I found this desk that was badly beaten up.  DSC_0087It had a

huge gouge on the top but I knew with some sanding and paint it was going to be a beauty. With dovetailed drawers and even a bottom cedar lined drawer who could pass up $15! On a different visit I found this!phone 468  And for only $10.  This is just what I needed to complete the desk for my daughter’s room.

phone 474So on my way to the check out I spotted these UGLY sconces – but they had the same shape as the chandelier that was already in the room.  For $2 it was worth a shot to see if paint could magically transform them.  I painted the desk white following the same procedure as the sewing table.  Click here to check it out.  I did add some new hardware that I had left over from a different project but actually considered painting the existing hardware pink. That would have been cute too – oh well I can use them somewhere else.  The mirror and sconces were spray painted in a cream color to match the chandelier.

12 00812 003

12 004

So obviously the chandelier was not part of the $27 but I did not spend a lot on it and it was my inspiration.  I found it online at Home Depot.

I just love the transformation!  Paint is a magical thing.12 002

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