Easy Art For a Large Wall

Feb 2013 014I really struggled with my eight year old daughters room and what to put on the large wall above her bed.  This is how it ultimately ended up but I did a few things before this that basically had no cost.The walls are a very light pink and she wanted more pink in her room.  I found a few frames in our house and then bought the larger ones at Goodwill for couple bucks.

Feb 2013 010 I painted them a brighter pink and it was so bad!  it looked like a circus…for real!  Out came the cream paint and then I added a few cut outs from the Cameo Silhouette.  I knew this was temporary but when I found the Paris print, I just loved how the frames looked so I left a few.  I absolutely love her room!

Feb 2013 012

The little mirror next to her bed is another Goodwill find (I think $7) with a side table my mom give us.  I painted that white.feb 20 012

I have been asked where I got her comforter and shams since they look like an old chenille comforter.  It’s actually from Spiegel.  We used to have an outlet by us and I fell in love with it.  Farm Boy says it reminds him of a grandma’s house….I think that’s why I love it.




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