Painted Hydrangea Centerpieces

We have a huge hydrangea bush at our house and I have never really thought about using them for decorations.  Well, maybe for dried arrangements but not fresh.  I was trying to think of a 4th of July centerpiece, as I was picking up tree clippings, and saw the hydrangea’s. Just white they are beautiful but since I am a little paint happy lately I wanted to try red and blue.  Regular paint is too heavy so I took the girls water based paint (thank goodness for their craft supply) and added water.  It totally worked and there you have it – free centerpieces.  All I did was use a paint brush to brush/tap it on and that was it.   I already had the mason jars but vintage milk glass vases would be pretty too.  I am totally in to them lately.  Here was the first blue I used which wasn’t the right color so It went into the office with my birdI will definitely be doing this again.  How about hot pink!

6 thoughts on “Painted Hydrangea Centerpieces

  1. marybeth doud

    OR you should plant the ones that are blue. I have white ones and added a blue plant this year. Great idea Vachelle. Very cute!

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