aug 2013 070Oil rubbed bronze paint is amazing!  I know this is old news but I have been collecting some ugly gold things that I have purchased at Goodwill.

Not only do I love ORB – I love coat trees.  I don’t have a lot of room by our front door but I knew I would find some place for this.  It was $10 and sold brass, heavy and good quality.  As you can see it’s beat up and really tarnished. spring 054spring 056

This lamp was $3.99 and didn’t come with a shade which was fine by me…they tend to have a smell.  Fabric items I like to purchase new unless I can wash it.  What I love is the arm on it.  I saw a floor lamp too and I should have gotten it.  Shoot!spring 004

I did prime the coat tree but not the lamp.  The lamp hardly took any paint but the coat tree took a whole spray can.  There are so many curves and details.

Here is what they look like now.  Aren’t they beautiful!  I used a shade I had on a lamp I wasn’t using anymore and put it on the girls play table.  The coat tree actually ended up in my daughter’s room and it’s perfect for hanging her girly stuff.FALL 2 004

aug 2013 068aug 2013 070

aug 2013 072Coat trees aren’t just for coats right?

I have a few more things that I am going to turn from gold to beautiful.  Give it a try it’s amazing stuff!

Here is a picture of the paint I used.  Thanks Judy for asking.

222 026

Look at what we are working on!  You will never believe what we turned this into.

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