I’m Addicted

7 003 copyI am getting addicted to looking for old furniture to make pretty.    I only had one of my helpers with me one day so I thought going to Goodwill would be a good idea.  I had room with just one car seat if I found something.  I found it!  The ugliest thing on the planet.  Okay not the ugliest but pretty darn close and it was gross.  Who ever owned this table put a piece of glass on top, put sticky things and glue all over it, and child bumpers around the edge.  I was very confused by this concoction but I loved the hardware and the detail on it. 

Here’s my helper!

Once home I tried getting the glass off.  It was like trying to get a suction cup off of something and once it came off, it released a smell that no human should ever witness!  Picture lot’s of gagging.  Kilz you have a job ahead of you!

After getting all the sticky stuff off the top I did a thick coat of primer and then painted it cream.  Do you like my painting table?  It works but the girls don’t like it.  I guess I can’t blame them it is theirs.

I wanted a worn look so I roughed up the edges with sandpaper and then did a little dark brown paint in the detail areas. I just cleaned the hardware and when I say cleaned I mean sanitized. I did poly the top of this so it would be protected.  The girls want it in their toy room.  It’s going to look great with a few other pieces.  First we need to clean the toy room!

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