My Old Wicker Chairs

july 030 copyI remember the day I bought these chairs.  We were newlyweds and had just built a house with a big front porch.  I miss that porch.  Anyway, I saw these Martha Stewart chairs at K-Mart for only $50.  I wasn’t expecting them to last very long but they are still hanging in there 10 (or 14) years later.  Continue reading

Transformed Gazebo

We sit outside so much more now that we have a gazebo on our top deck.  On our lower patio we get really intense sun in the late afternoon so we had talked about putting another gazebo down there.  Continue reading

Before and After Sewing Table

I loved this piece when I saw it and thought right away that I could convert it for my machine. This was $15 at Savers!! When I got it home I changed my mind, thinking maybe I could use this machine to help Grace learn how to sew.  Continue reading

Chalkboard Sign

I had leftover paint after the Chalkboard play table so I thought why not use it up.  I had purchased this tray a while ago for a few bucks.  It had a glass top that was cracked so basically the store was giving it away.    Continue reading

Chalkboard Play Table

My girls love chalk and since we live in a cold climate it’s nice to have a chalkboard inside.  I found this coffee table at Goodwill for $4!  It was pretty beat up so perfect for a play table.  I also bought two cheap plastic stools.  To see my quick improvement on the stools click here. Continue reading