Chalkboard Sign

I had leftover paint after the Chalkboard play table so I thought why not use it up.  I had purchased this tray a while ago for a few bucks.  It had a glass top that was cracked so basically the store was giving it away.   A quick few coats of the Chalkboard paint and here is a great board for displaying your menu or just a fun note.


I still have paint – what else should I do?

9 thoughts on “Chalkboard Sign

    • Great makeover… I bohugt some different colors of chalkboard paint and intend to paint some Salvage items and old Silver Tray centers with it so the G-Kids can express themselves Artistically on something so lovely I don’t mind it hanging around the house when they’re not using them. *winks*Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

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  3. Tcd

    I don’t visit Martha’s site or read her mags often BUT I did see this and fell in love. I’m trying to fiurge out the best place for it in my house. I was thinking above my desk like in the picture but I think somewhere in my very white kitchen (I may have to share that with you since I just read your post about your kitchen) might just be the right place.So awesome. Thanks for the instructions.Enjoying your site.

    • Farm Boy City Girl

      I would love you to share it. This one is so fun. Our friends have started adding comments which makes it even more special. I don’t want to erase it!

  4. A chalkboard wall would be prttey cool for your school room Anddd they make chalk holders so you don’t have to touch the chalk. Or liquid chalk markers that look and work the exact same way as regular chalk all in a pen! I’m sure they carry them at any craft store. No excuses now!

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