My Old Wicker Chairs

july 030 copyI remember the day I bought these chairs.  We were newlyweds and had just built a house with a big front porch.  I miss that porch.  Anyway, I saw these Martha Stewart chairs at K-Mart for only $50.  I wasn’t expecting them to last very long but they are still hanging in there 10 (or 14) years later.  Continue reading

Painted Hydrangea Centerpieces

We have a huge hydrangea bush at our house and I have never really thought about using them for decorations.  Well, maybe for dried arrangements but not fresh.  I was trying to think of a 4th of July centerpiece, as I was picking up tree clippings, and saw the hydrangea’s. Just white they are beautiful but since I am a little paint happy lately I wanted to try red and blue.  Continue reading

Gazebo Curtains – No Sewing

My post last week was on the transformed gazebo we purchased off craigslist  It was a great find but it didn’t come with curtains. We only need one side of the gazebo to block the sun – so I really only had to find two panels.  If you want all the sides covered you would need to do eight (two for each side).  Continue reading

Transformed Gazebo

We sit outside so much more now that we have a gazebo on our top deck.  On our lower patio we get really intense sun in the late afternoon so we had talked about putting another gazebo down there.  Continue reading