Gazebo Curtains – No Sewing

My post last week was on the transformed gazebo we purchased off craigslist  It was a great find but it didn’t come with curtains. We only need one side of the gazebo to block the sun – so I really only had to find two panels.  If you want all the sides covered you would need to do eight (two for each side).  So to save some money, I was going to make them myself with outdoor fabric.  After looking at the price of fabric, it was going to more than I wanted to spend.  Off to search for cheap canvas fabric.  Painters drop cloths pulled up and they had them at Home Depot.  They are already hemmed so you don’t need to sew at all.  I ended up getting the 6’ x 9’ since it was the closest size I could get, and they were only $11 a piece.  They were a little long so all I did was cut some off the top and fold it over twice so the cut end was tucked under.  I then marked out where my grommets were going to be placed and pounded them in.  The grommet will go through three layers of fabric.  You can see how the back looks with the fabric turned under.I found sites where people use these drop cloths inside their homes for curtains, pillows, and slip covers.   It is a cool fabric with so much texture – maybe I’ll make some pillows for outside!

One thought on “Gazebo Curtains – No Sewing

  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I aualtlcy bought the fabric at a warehouse fabric store and made them to be honest they still have some hemming needed(i didn’t picture that Big fabric warehouses take some digging but I’ve found some gorgeous fabrics every so often!

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