Hanging Bunches of Tissue Pom-Poms

I love decorating with tissue poms – they are so easy to make and provide such a dramatic statement.  I did red white and blue poms last year for the 4th of July and I loved it.  I also love to use them on presents instead of bows.The tutorials are all over the place on how to make them so I won’t go through all the steps.  Here is a link to that shows you how to if you haven’t done this before.  http://allthingsmamma.com/2012/01/how-to-make-tissue-paper-pom-poms/ 

The only thing I do different is cut a slit on each side where you tie and I use wire.  I just find it easier to fold the tissue back.  If you don’t want large poms just cut the paper in half before you start the folds.

I was watching some people getting ready for a party a few months ago.  They had bunches of pink tissue poms all gathered together.  It was gorgeous but they ended separating all of them.  It got me thinking about how you could group them so you only had to use one hanger.

While at the dollar store (I know this is shocking ha ha) I saw this plant hanger and thought this would be a great way to hang things….especially poms – you can do it ahead of time so when you’re ready to decorate you only have a hook to hang instead of all the poms.

I got my wire cutters, to cut the bottom part of the basket off, but City Girls cutters were wimpy.  Out to Farm Boys tool chest I went.   This did it and I was left with something that looked like a spider.    Hum…maybe I’ll use that little guy at Halloween.

I started tying my poms on with fish wire at different levels. 

I also took the chain up on the basket so there wasn’t so much showing. 

This one is in the girls playroom so I did a lot of colors (I really love all one color in different tones too).  While I was putting this together I originally had one large pom and all the rest small and ended up getting rid of the large one.  It just looked too big for the room. 

I used a 3M Command hook on the ceiling and that was it.  I love it.

Wouldn’t this be fun to sleep under!  This is our office – just pretend the fan isn’t above it. 

This hanger could be used for a canopy above a bed or hanging streamers.  The possibilities are endless.

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