Mod Podge Easter Eggs!

5I can’t believe it’s almost Easter time again!  I have been away from my blog and really miss it so what better time to start-up again.

I recently started using Mod Podge and just love it! You can create so many cool things.

feb 5 0021 A few months ago I used napkins to decorate baskets in my daughter’s room.  Yes these are just cardboard boxes, napkins and Mod Podge.

I love the detail and I had some left over napkins so why not Mod Podge an egg!2

All you need to do is use a blown out egg (click here to see how), peel the napkin apart, 3cut your napkin and Mod Podge it on with a brush. 4 These are so easy and look so detailed – almost as if you painted them.  These are almost as cool as the silk dyed eggs.  What do you think?

A little tip:  If you don’t want to thread your ribbon you can just hot glue it on.  It stays perfect.

56I will be adding these to my egg tree!

4 thoughts on “Mod Podge Easter Eggs!

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