Yarn Easter Eggs

7.1I just couldn’t just stop with one new type of egg this year so wanted to find one more.  I saw someone wrap plastic eggs with pipe cleaners on Pinterest and they were just beautiful.  I didn’t have pipe cleaners in the pretty Easter colors but what I did have was an overabundance of yarn. 

What  you need for this project: a plastic egg, hot glue and yarn. 

It took me awhile to figure out the best way to do this.  First I started with the whole egg and by the time I got to the end the yarn started to bunch.  I’m not sure if this is because I’m impatient (most likely option) or because of the way the egg is shaped.  This is when I decided to do it in two parts.  Put a drop of glue in the middle and put the end of the yarn in it and let it dry for a second.1.11

Start wrapping and glue the whole time.  2.1

Start at the other end and do the same thing.  1.1

Once both ends are done, glue the egg together and finish wrapping in the yarn.  4.1Either tie the yarn in a bow or glue the ends down.  5.1

You can make any combination of colors or designs.

If you want to hang the eggs you can tie the loop before wrapping the egg 1.111or just hot glue a loop when you are done.  These would be pretty in a bowl but I am hanging mine on my egg tree!6.19.1  Happy Easter!

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