Blown Out Easter Eggs

Easter is coming soon so it’s time to get going on eggs and blown out eggs are perfect.  I tried this horrible task years ago and all I got was a major headache.  I came across this website that I can’t locate now but this is amazing – and no headache.Here are the items that you will need:

  1. A tack (I need a hammer as well)
  2. 2 drill bits (the smallest ones)
  3. Paper clip
  4. Nose sucker (or booger sucker as we call it in our house)
  5. Wire or a thin long needle

Use the tack to start the hole.  I can’t seem to push it in so I tap it with the hammer (isn’t it cute!  I have even seen Cameron use it but we won’t tell).  

I use one of my daughter’s tea cups to hold it.  It’s the perfect size since I don’t have any of those fancy egg cups.

Take the smallest drill bit and twirl it in and out and then use the next size and do the same thing.  Take the paperclip and swirl it around.  I do this until I start seeing some of the yolk come out.

Now you’re ready for the booger sucker (or whatever you want to call it).  Don’t push too hard it might explode the egg (I did this a few times).  I saw another site you can use a straw and blow but that seems like a lot of work. 

While pushing the egg out I had it under running cold water and then gave the egg a nice final wash.

Decorate the egg and thread the ribbon though to hang.  I did not have a long enough needle so I used 30 gauge wire to thread it.  Now you can hang them on your tree.

3 thoughts on “Blown Out Easter Eggs

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