Ricotta and Ham Calzone

I, Farm Boy, love-making homemade pizza but wanted to try something a little different.  After Easter we had some leftover ham, just a little! Most went home with family members in our to go boxes but we still had a lot left.  I found this recipe from Mario Batali that looked really delicious.   Honestly you can only make so much ham and bean soup or mac and cheese with leftover ham! Read More

Easter Bonnet Turned into Easter Basket for $2

I love Easter baskets but I don’t like spending a lot of money on them.  I have wanted to try fabric stiffener for a while and this is the perfect project for that.

I was shopping at Target in their $1 section and saw all the bonnets.  They are so cute but my girls will not wear them.  I tipped it up and thought what a great basket.  Read More