Decorating Easter Eggs – More Ideas

egg 1I love the silk dyed eggs but this year we tried some other new ones.

I usually go to Target and buy the egg kit but this year I used the food coloring right out of my cabinet.  I had purchased the vibrant colors for dying sugar for candy pretzels and thought these would be awesome colors for eggs.  For these eggs we did use blown out eggs.

I did 3 parts water to one part vinegar and added as much color as I wanted.  I am sold… I will no longer buy the kits.  Everyone probably does this I am just a little behind the times.

I was recently at a party talking about the silk dyed eggs with a friend (I told you I was very excited about them).  She told me she grew up always tying white clothes around eggs and they spooned the dye around the egg for a tie dye effect.  They had 8 kids in their family and they didn’t know what Easter egg kits were.  I know this is a strange conversation at a party but we were have a great time!  We apparently both like eggs.  Look at how beautiful it turned out and so easy.

This little guy is my 3 year olds creation and probably one of my favorites.

I went down into the play room one day and it looked like a bird had been killed…a pink and purple bird.  There were feathers everywhere!   I picked them up and put them in a baggie because I knew we would find something to use them on.  A little crazy I know but I like to be resourceful.  The egg was a purple egg and we glued feathers on the ribbon hanging down for the legs.

The other birds were made with a few different boa feathers we just plucked off and also dyed some white feathers.

The wings were my 6 year olds idea. Does anyone  know what they are?  You woodworkers might – they are biscuits.   Genius!   

 If you can’t come up with an idea ask your children.  Their minds are amazing and so creative.  Farm Boy is starting to get a little annoyed with our crafty uses for these.  Sorry honey.

If you know me you know I love using silk flowers so of course I had to try them on eggs.  Just take the flower apart and use a few of the pedals.  I love how they turned out and with the birds it is such a great spring touch.

The girls also painted some eggs and added glitter.  What girl doesn’t like glitter!

We hung these on our Easter tree along with a few silk dyed eggs.

I would love to see what creative eggs you come up with.  Go to our facebook page and post them.  Have a wonderful Easter!

2 thoughts on “Decorating Easter Eggs – More Ideas

  1. Sandy Johnston

    Vachelle, I got to see that tree in person, Wow! The creativity blew me away. Farm boy did explain a couple to me. Loved that purple feathered chick. Good job Madi

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