My Goodwill Find of a Lifetime

2013 035 I know I have said this so many times but I love going to Goodwill!  I love to look for pieces of furniture that are ugly.  Now this piece is not ugly but no one wanted it.  I couldn’t figure out why until I really started looking at it.

At first I thought it was a sewing machine cabinet because the top opened up.  It looked like the top was bending and then I saw the beautiful detail on the pieces that pull out to keep the top flat.  8 0028 003

Then I went to the front.  This is when I found out why it was still there – you couldn’t open it.  The person that had this obviously lost the key and tried to hack into it.

2013 057I knew Farm Boy would figure out a way to get into it but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, not knowing really what it was.  It looked pretty beat up but if nothing else I could  paint it.  So in my mind if it was over $20 I was going to pass.  Guess what I saw?  I still can’t believe it – it was $5.99!  You can’t buy a cardboard box for $5.99 so I took it.  There was another reason I wanted this – I had to see what inside it!

So in about five minutes Farm Boy had it open and this is what we found.

2013 040A stamp with Kindel on it.  I had no idea who this manufacturer was so I instantly Googled it.  They are a high-end furniture maker out of Michigan and their pieces are hand done.  The drawers are gorgeous and hand dovetailed.  Pure quality.  There was nothing in the piece.  It was almost as if someone never used it.2013 039So the whole family started to clean it up and with some furniture oil the piece looked brand new.  Look at my cleaners.2013 0362013 037So I did a lot of research on Kindle and found this piece (brand new) for over $6,000.  OK I can’t paint this now – it’s too beautiful.  Even the back is solid wood.  So what this is – is a mobile server.  It has casters so you can move it anywhere.  We used it at Easter for all the glasses and drinks and the good thing is it closes up and is small again.

So Farm Boy emailed Kindle to see if they could get us a key and one key hole hardware (one side was missing).  Look at this.  This is what they sent us.  Talk about customer service.photoWill I ever find something like this again?  Probably not but you never know.

9 002Thank you Kindel!   Do you want to see what I’m working on next?  OK just a little peek.

spring 051This is getting paint as the top is bad.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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