Pinkalicious Pink Lemonade Cake Pops

5 054 copyThere are two things we love in our house, pink and sweet. Okay not all of us but all the females in the house. Poor Farm Boy!

I also love making truffles so I am shocked that I haven’t made cake pops sooner. I was shopping at Target and saw this pink lemonade cake mix. It sounded so yummy and perfect for my first attempt at this.

First bake the cake per the box instructions. Cool completely. I waited a day.

Crumble the cake. I used my food processor, I seriously don’t know what I would do without this magical machine. Once the cake is all crumbled, add the whole can of frosting. Don’t taste it! You may not make cake pops with this because it’s so good. Refrigerate the mixture until you can make balls that stay firm. This is where my helpers come in. Only one today because she wanted alone time with mommy – I love these days. We used our melon baller so they were all about the same shape.

After the balls are made put your sticks in and freeze for an hour or so.

Since this post I have learned you need to put the stick in the melted coating first and then stick the cake ball.  This will help them stay on.

Get your double boiler ready and start melting your coating. I started with my candy melts but I didn’t have enough so I ended up using mostly almond bark.  I think white chocolate bakers chocolate would have been really good too.   Get your stand ready for the sticks. I used a block of floral foam. I have used an egg carton for other things and that works pretty good too.  We made our own pink sugar with pink food coloring.

Make sure the coating gets all around the ball and the base of the stick. I made this mistake and didn’t get the small area around the stick. I had all these beautiful cake pops on sticks – looking like a beautiful cake pop garden.  About a minute later I turned around and they had all fallen. Not so pretty. To fix this I just took a knife and added some coating around the bottom. Good as new but I’m sure they will look better next time I do them. No one’s perfect.  Again this happened because I did not put the stick in the coating first before putting the cake ball on.

I needed something to put them in so they would stand up. I suppose I could have used a glass but then I saw our lemonade was almost gone so I used that. I put small pasta shells in the container so the sticks would stand up. I can’t wait to try other flavors.

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