It’s Time to Get Cozy

nov 003With winter here and the holidays in full force it’s nice to cozy up with family and friends. We love our decor to look the same way we feel so why not cozy up candle holders too.

I have seen this done with sweater sleeves but on my last trip to Goodwill, I was drawn to the scarves. The colors and textures are gorgeous and the options are endless. The $2.99 price doesn’t hurt either!

If you wanted to decorate in jewel tones look at the options.

phone 055phone 054

Here are the two I picked. I had another one I wanted but I mistakenly laid it back down and when I turned back someone had taken it! You snooze you lose! When it doubt stick it in your cart. nov 005

 Here is what you will need

  • Scarves
  • Candle holders (Dollar Store or Goodwill)
  • Needle and thread to match the scarf

nov 019


1)  Wash the scarves and then cut them to fit perfectly around the candle holder.

nov 0162)  Stitch the edges together.nov 017

nov 022

3)  Put the candle in and you are ready for a beautiful glow.
I did two layers on this one and then cut a little bit off the other scarf to tie around the middle – like a mini scarf for the candle!

Candle Cozy 8nov 001I love the fringe on this one…nov 023and the glow at night is so beautiful.Candle-Cozy-111 copy

There was part of the scarf left so I used it on my tree! Scarves make beautiful garland too! Merry Christmas!
nov 026

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