Barbie Doll Clothes Pin Chair

aug 2013 066My mom did a great job saving a lot of our toys and especially the Barbie Doll stuff.  I let my girls play with them which may not be the smartest thing to do but they are pretty nice to their toys. 

I pulled these chairs out of the bin and thought they were so cute.

Disney 2013 028

We made them or someone made them for us but I couldn’t believe they were still together.  One day I saw them in the doll house broken apart.  Apparently a tornado came through and broke them up (or so that’s the story).  No big deal – I can hot glue them together so why not make another one and maybe even a rocker?

For the chair you need 19 clothes pins taken apart.  If you want to do a rocker five more pins are needed.

Disney 2013 008Next start assembling the parts.  I started with the back.  Hot glue the three pieces together separately and then glue them all together.  Disney 2013 010Now assemble one side of the chair.  Hot glue the pieces together.  This is how it should look.  The picture is easier to follow then trying to explain it.

Disney 2013 011Turn it over and place the other brace alternating the large end of the pin.Disney 2013 013

Repeat the process for the other side of the chair.  Make sure you look at the first side so you glue the pieces at the same spot.  You don’t want a crooked chair…or at least I don’t think you do.Disney 2013 014Now it’s time to do the back.  Put the two sides of the chair so they are parallel.Disney 2013 015Take one half of the pin and glue the large end one way and then the opposite for the one below it.  It’s easier to start with one side of the chair and then glue the second part after.Disney 2013 016Now its time for the seat.  With the back on it sits well on its own.  Do the same thing with the clothes pin by putting one large end on one side and alternate for the back of the seat.

Disney 2013 018Three pins make up the seat.  I like to lay it out first before gluing.Disney 2013 020Disney 2013 022The back detail is the last part of the chair.  This was already glued together so you just need to glue it to the back.

Disney 2013 019There you have it!  All done.

Disney 2013 028To make the rocker – glue the pieces like this:Disney 2013 023Then glue your chair on.

Disney 2013 026How cute is that!!!  Hopefully this one will escape the tornado!

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