Healthy Ice Cream?

march 2013 020Can this be true?  Healthy ice cream?  Well it’s more like a sorbet But with two ingredients! I always throw bad bananas out because I don’t make banana bread but not anymore!  I found a good use for them on pinterest from recipe by photo.

but I have to be honest….I am not a huge banana fan so I added something that I do enjoy.

First you take your bad bananas (yuck), cut them up and put them in the freezer until they are completely frozen.

march 2013 003

march 2013 004

march 2013 005

Get your food processor and chop them up.

march 2013 008

They will look like this at first…

march 2013 009

but keep going until you get this.

march 2013 010march 2013 014

Now if you’re a banana lover just eat it like this – you won’t believe there is no added sugar, milk  or yogurt.  If your like me and need a different flavor, just pick any of your favorite frozen fruit.  This time I used raspberries.

march 2013 015

And here is what it looks like with the raspberries and banana combined!

march 2013 017march 2013 020

Complete deliciousness!  You will actually feel guilty eating this but you don’t have to – its healthy!

Try any combination.  Strawberry is another family favorite.

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