3D Flower Bows on the Cameo Silhouette

may 027 copyI saw this 3D flower in the store but I didn’t want to spend over a dollar for it.  Gifts can be so beautiful but you really can make them look pretty with things you have. I know not everyone has a Silhouette but I found a 3D flower that I just love.

On my design I just added two strips to make the strap around the box.  You could use ribbon too but I wanted it to match the paper I used for the flower.  To keep it together I used a sparkly tack – and that was it!    The Silhouette has pretty much paid for itself at this point.  I love it!

*Tip:  I buy a lot of my paper at TX Maxx (when they have it).  It’s $10 paper for $2.50 and it’s really nice paper.

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