How To Get Your Picture Frames To Stay Straight? Here’s a Quick and Cheap Fix with No Holes

I can’t stand pictures that aren’t straight.  It literally drives me crazy!

We have these pictures that hang on the back side of our front closet, so every time the door shuts the pictures move.  They are the type of frame with only one hanger right in the middle.  I found the solution for me!  Continue reading

Easy Photo Wall

I’ve wanted to do a photo wall for such a long time.  We do have a small one downstairs but with only eight frames.   Our home is very open and there isn’t a lot of wall space,  so it’s hard to display photos.  I really didn’t know where to start so I found a great web site, Continue reading

How to add color back into a black and white picture – Microsoft Word 2010

web 069 copyInsert your photo into the word document from the insert tab or drag and drop.

Double click on the photo so it is activated and you see the picture tool tab at the top (pink).  Copy your photo (Ctrl c) and Past (Ctrl v) so there are two photos. Continue reading